Custom Funeral Services in Your Preferred Setting

Do  you wish to pay tribute in a unique ambience outside of a traditional funeral home? Afraid it might be too complicated?

Flex Funeral is a custom-made, worry-free solution designed for those who wish to have funeral services outside of a traditional setting.

  1. Our advisor will meet you at your home.
  2. Choose the setting that appeals most to you among several places selected for their unique character. You can even suggest your own location, and we will consider the feasibility of holding the funeral there.
  3. You can count on our expertise to see to every detail of the ceremony.

Members of the Greater Montreal Funeral Cooperative wish to have access to more local services. With Flex Funeral, we are offering enhanced custom services along with those already available in our funeral homes. We are thus in a better position to respond to the specific needs of families, in perfect accordance with the wishes of the deceased.

Contact us for details: 514-687-9903

Tagged in: Posted by: Coopérative funéraire du Grand Montréal Date : 23 April 2017