The pre-arrangement contract is thoughtful reassurance for the people you love. It saves loved ones the anxiety of having to make difficult decisions under already trying circumstances.

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Making funeral pre-arrangements lets you:

  • Lock in funeral costs at today's prices to protect against cost increases down the road;
  • Make it easier on your family by providing them with your last wishes and requests regarding your funeral, tailored to your needs and to your budget;
  • Act as an informed consumer by asking the right questions and then taking the time to reflect on your needs;
  • Allow your loved ones to experience a farewell ceremony, created by you for you, to satisfy your last wishes;
  • Choose the funeral company to whom you wish to entrust your remains, and assume financial responsibility for your funeral;
  • Spread your payments over 60 months, interest-free;
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that pre-planning can provide;
  • Transfer your funeral arrangements to almost anywhere in the province, without any penalty, in the event you move to another city. There are more than 100 member service points of the Fédération des coopératives funéraires du Québec.

For your peace of mind and to make things easier on, and for, your loved ones:

  • Call us at 1 877 677-2230
  • Email one of our Pre-Arrangement Advisers, or
  • Complete the form below

Our Pre-Arrangement Advisers will be happy to answer your questions, in full transparency and without undue sales pressure, in accordance with our cooperative values.

Pre-Arrangement Advisers

Josée King

Manon Brunet
South Shore

Régine Cannas
Montréal and Laval

We respectfully suggest that you make your funeral pre-arrangements while you are still in good health and of sound mind. Our meeting can then take place in a more serene atmosphere, by means of a more enlightened reflection on your part, with the ultimate goal in mind: to prevent potential family disputes and hard feelings tomorrow by achieving consensus with your next of kin today.

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