Why is it important to make prior arrangements?


  • Enjoy the peace of mind that this approach can buy;
  • Allow your loved ones to grieve in peace and serenity;
  • Avoid family conflicts;
  • Take advantage of their autonomy;
  • Prevent your loved ones from making emotional decisions;
  • Save many often painful formalities and procedures in a difficult period.


  • Choose the funeral company to which you want to entrust your body and assume financial responsibility for your funeral yourself;
  • Act as an informed consumer, taking the time to think about your needs;
  • Allow your loved ones to experience a farewell ceremony in your image and satisfy your last wishes;
  • Facilitate choices for the family and indicate your wishes for your funeral, based on your personal beliefs and your budget;
  • Decide on the type of your funeral and the mode of arrangement you want: traditional funeral with exposition followed by inhumation, cremation or our custom-made Flex funeral.


  • Ensure that you will receive goods and services at today's prices in the future and protect yourself from cost increases;
  • Being able to spread your payments over 60 months, interest-free;
  • Arrange your own funeral safely;
  • Have the possibility of transferring your arrangements almost everywhere in Quebec, in more than 100 points of service of a cooperative member of the Federation of Funeral Cooperatives of Quebec, in the event of moving to another city, without any penalty.

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