Help for the bereaved

By Your Side

A tool for support in bereavement offered exclusively by funeral cooperatives

Losing a family member is probably the most difficult trial we will face in life. Those who have experienced this know how important it is to feel support from others in order to get through the upheavals of a bereavement.

The people who work in funeral cooperatives have daily experience of death and bereavement. They know the emotions that can well up weeks after the loss of a family member.  For that reason, the funeral cooperatives have prepared a series of four instalments called By Your Sidein order to continue our support for bereaved families, even beyond the period of the funeral rites.

The four instalments in this series are sent free of charge to persons who have paid for funeral services for a family member from a participating funeral cooperative. They are sent in the first year – one every four months.

Each instalment contains:

  • Coaching for every stage of the bereavement;
  • Interviews with major Quebec authors and specialists in bereavement: Jean Monbourquette, Suzanne Pinard, Suzy Fréchette-Piperni, Josée Jacques, Johanne de Montigny, Luce des Aulniers;
  • Personal accounts: from people of all ages, recounting their experience in mourning the death of a spouse, a child or a parent;
  • Practical exercises for moving forward through a bereavement;
  • Resources: book suggestions, self-help groups, natural helpers, professional help;
  • Tips and advice;
  • Simple, accessible and concrete information about bereavement.