Solidarity program

Nothing is more devastating than the death and loss of a child. It is the ultimate tragedy: the most painful event that a family can endure.

The nearly 225,000 members of the funeral cooperatives of Quebec are people of compassion. In a gesture of solidarity, through mutual help in times of need, our members rally to comfort and support families who are suffering the tragic loss of a child.

It is in this spirit that the directors of most funeral cooperatives in Quebec chose to set up the Solidarity Program. Through this program, any member who loses a child is provided the child’s funeral service, at no charge (funeral expenses, up to a maximum of $2,500).

We all need to feel the support of others when we are struggling. It is why we stand together, in support of one another.

How can you participate? Simply become a member of your local cooperative. By joining, you become one of the nearly 225,000 members of the largest network of funeral homes in Quebec.

In doing so, you add your voice to those members acting in solidarity with bereaved families across Quebec who are currently suffering, or who have already suffered, the loss of a child.

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